SamSam Software LLC

About Us

Hi, I'm Keith Strickland, the founder of SamSam Software and developer of YumYum for iPhone and iPad. I'm an independent software developer with over 12 years experience.

Prior to launching SamSam Software I worked as a Software Engineer who specialized in Modeling & Simulation products. Besides iOS development, I have also developed applications for Windows, Unix, and the web using C++, Java, Javascript, Python, and Ruby (including Ruby on Rails). I also have extensive experience with the software development lifecycle, including requirements, design specification, user interface development, testing, and maintenance of delivered products. I have a Master of Science in Software Engineering degree from the University of Minnesota.

YumYum was inspired by my lovely wife Amy, who has worked with children as preschool teacher, and my three year old son Sam, whose nickname also inspired my company's name. Throughout development my main goal was creating an application that made Sammy laugh and want to borrow daddy's iPad one more time. I hope your children enjoy YumYum as much as Sam has!

If you have any feedback you would like to share for YumYum, or if you would be interested in employing my services for your own projects, please contact me at